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Add or remove messaging accounts
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The Settings > Team Management > Accounts page allows org admins to add or remove messaging accounts for your organization.

Request a new messaging account

For customers who are requesting a new virtual number or want to text-enable their existing landline or VoIP number, follow the instructions below. If you want to request an international number (outside the US or Canada) or a toll-free number, contact TextUs Support for assistance.

Note: For customers who want to text-enable an existing VoIP number, contact your phone provider to release SMS so that the TextUs team can complete your account setup.

To request a new phone number be added for your organization:

  1. Login as an org admin on your organization account, then go to Settings > Team Management > Accounts.

  2. On the Accounts page, click the Add Account button.

  3. On the Add Account view, enter in the following information for your new messaging accounts:

    • Parent Account: Select the branch that your new messaging account will be created under.

    • Account Name: Enter a name for your new messaging account. This information will only be displayed to internal users.

    • Phone Type: Select one of the options from the dropdown menu.

      • Landline: Use an existing number (either a landline or VoIP) provided by your organization.

      • Virtual: Use a new virtual number provided by TextUs with your desired area code.

    • Phone Number:

      • For accounts using landline phones, enter your existing 10-digit phone number.

      • For accounts using virtual phones, enter your desired 3-digit area code. If it's available, TextUs will use this area code when creating your new virtual number. If not available, TextUs will use the next closest area code.

  4. Click the Add Users icon to add new or existing team members to the messaging account. Note that at least one user must be added to the account.

  5. On the Add Users menu, enter the user’s name, email address, and select a user role.

  6. Check the box for Send a welcome email to new users (recommended).

  7. To add additional users, click the plus sign.

  8. When you are finished entering your users’ information, click Add Users.

  9. Repeat steps 3 - 4 to add additional messaging accounts to your organization. When you are finished, click Add Accounts.

After you confirm your request, a small green success box appears at the bottom of the Accounts page. This confirms that we have received your request. You will receive an email once the messaging accounts are successfully created. If there are any issues with creating the new account, a TextUs representative will reach out to you to provide assistance.

Discard a messaging account

As an organization admin, you can discard a messaging account by going to the Accounts page and clicking the trash can icon in the Manage column. After clicking Discard in the confirmation pop-up, the phone number will be immediately removed and no users will be able to access that number's inbox.

Important Note: Discarding a messaging account will release the phone number, remove all user access to the account, and permanently delete the account's message history.

If you want to remove an organization account, contact TextUs Support for assistance.


This section includes frequently asked questions (FAQs) about creating messaging accounts.

When requesting a new messaging account, which Parent Account should I select?

You'll want to select the branch under which you want the messaging account to be created. This will determine your account structure and is an important step if your organization has multiple branches to ensure the messaging account is added to the correct branch or division for easier management.

How long does it take for new messaging accounts to be created after I submit my request?

New messaging accounts are typically created within 1-3 business days. You'll receive an email notification once the messaging accounts are successfully created.

Will I be notified if there are any issues creating the accounts?

Yes, if there are any issues creating your accounts, a TextUs team member will reach out to request additional information so we can get your new accounts set up as soon as possible.

Can I change the name of a messaging account?

Yes, you can update the name of a messaging account by viewing that account (see the View Account section above), then going to Settings > Account Settings > Account Details and updating the account name. See Update messaging account details for more information.

Can I change the phone number of an existing messaging account?

No, you are not able to change the phone number of an existing messaging account. If you wish to use a different phone number, you will need to request a new account.

How do I provide a Letter of Authorization (LOA)?

If an LOA is needed, a TextUs team member will reach out to the account requester to provide it.

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