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Troubleshoot note logging in Salesforce
Troubleshoot note logging in Salesforce
Updated over a week ago

The TextUs integration for Salesforce allows your team to log text conversations back to Salesforce contact and lead records. However, if a contact's phone number is not initially listed in Salesforce, messages sent in conversations will not be logged, even if you add the phone number to a record later on.

This guide provides you with basic troubleshooting instructions for when messages sent in TextUs do not appear on contact or lead records in Salesforce.

How to diagnose the issue

If a user reports messages not logging for a contact you can quickly check to see if the record creation timeline is at fault. Start by searching for the phone number of the contact in Salesforce. You should get two results in the search: one for the contact record and one for the TextUs Contact (TUBC).

Note: If you get multiple contacts or a contact and a lead record, check to make sure that texts are not logging to another record.

Your results should list a single contact under Contacts (or Leads) and a single contact under TextUs Contacts.

​ Next, you can check the creation date for each record by completing the steps below.

  1. For the Contact (or Lead):

    1. Click on the contact name to open the record.

    2. In the System Information, note the Created by field and the time and date.

  2. For the TextUs Contact:

    1. Click Record Number to open the TextUs contact. The record number always will start with TUBC followed by a dash (-) and a string of numbers.

    2. Click the Details tab.

    3. Check the API Call Log field. It will likely say “No existing records could be matched to TextUs phone: {insert contact phone}”

    4. Check the Created By field at the bottom and compare the time and date created with the same information from the Contact/Lead record.

How to resolve the issue

​On the TextUs Contact (TUBC), complete the following steps:

  1. ​Click the pencil icon next to the API Call Log field, then delete all text in the field.

  2. Change the Status field from Error to New.

  3. Click Save.

  4. Wait for the next TextUs batch to run.

    • A batch can run anywhere from every 3 minutes to 1 hour depending on the TextUs App settings in Salesforce.

    • You can check how often your batches run by going to the TextUs App > TextUs Admin Settings > Batches menu.

  5. After the batch runs the TUBC record and the Contact/Lead record is synced, check the following information:

    1. On the TUBC (TextUs Contact), the Attached Object Id, Name field, and others have a status set to Synced.

    2. On the Contact/Lead record, Sent Texts is displayed under the Tasks section.

If you have any additional questions, contact TextUs Support.

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