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Update your Bullhorn integration settings
Update your Bullhorn integration settings
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This guide provides you with instructions for updating your Bullhorn integration in the TextUs web app after you have completed the Bullhorn integration process.

Note: Your TextUs admin should complete the steps in this section to ensure your integration has the correct account settings and permissions.

How access your Bullhorn integration settings

  1. Log in to with your org admin user account.

  2. Click on your user icon and go to Accounts.

  3. On the Accounts page, find your org account at the top of the account hierarchy and click View.

  4. Go to Settings > Account Settings > Integrations.

  5. Click the Bullhorn integration card to access your Bullhorn settings.

Enable batch conversation logging

By default, Bullhorn Messaging logs sent and received messages as individual notes. You can configure your Bullhorn integration to batch log messages to Bullhorn records as daily or weekly notes using the Batch Conversation Logging setting. This will help consolidate conversation records into more cohesive notes and make them easier to review. After this setting is enabled, it will be applied across all accounts in your organization.

Important Note: Do not adjust or modify any other Bullhorn integration settings. Additionally, the Batch Conversation Logging and Custom Object options cannot be enabled simultaneously.

To enable batch conversation logging for Bullhorn:

  1. On the Bullhorn integration card, click the Settings dropdown menu.

  2. Toggle the Batch Conversation Logging option to Active.

  3. On the Conversation Duration dropdown, select from the following options:

    • One Day: Logs conversation batches on a daily basis.

    • One Week: Logs conversation batches on a weekly basis.

  4. On the Refresh Frequency dropdown, select how often new messages will display in the conversation logs in Bullhorn.

  5. Click Save.

Enable Bullhorn contact sync

Contact Sync is an additional integration feature that provides an ongoing exchange of contact information between the Bullhorn ATS and Bullhorn Messaging or TextUs. This automatic contact syncing provides a more integrated experience that makes recruiting outreach and candidate engagement even simpler.

Contact Sync can only be enabled by the TextUs Support Team. To enable this feature, contact TextUs Support. Be aware that certain fields in your Bullhorn environment must be updated, and you'll need to provide screenshots to confirm completion before activation.

Configure additional phone mapping settings

Your TextUs integration with Bullhorn automatically logs your TextUs conversations in your Bullhorn account as “notes” by using the ‘Phone’ or ‘Mobile Phone’ fields on Candidate, Contact, or Lead records as an identifier.

In situations where multiple profiles in Bullhorn share the same phone number, Org Admins can customize and improve the accuracy of note logging by configuring their Bullhorn integration settings in the TextUs web app to include up to three additional phone fields for mapping conversations to Candidate, Contact, or Lead records.

Note: The additional phone fields (Phone 2, Phone 3, and Work Phone) in this guide are standard fields in the Bullhorn ATS Admin View. The phone field names may appear differently to end-users based on how your Bullhorn admin renamed the fields during your account’s field mapping setup.

To add additional phone mapping fields for your TextUs integration with Bullhorn, complete the following steps:

  1. On the Bullhorn integration card, then click the Settings dropdown menu.


  2. Under Additional Phone Mapping, select the checkboxes to add additional fields as record identifiers:

    • Phone 2

    • Phone 3

    • Work Phone

  3. Click Save.

  4. The settings are updated. Your Bullhorn integration will now start logging notes based on phone number matches in these additional fields.

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