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Create custom objects for note logging in Bullhorn
Create custom objects for note logging in Bullhorn
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Your Bullhorn integration automatically logs all text conversations in TextUs back to the corresponding Candidate, Contact, and Lead records. This allows your team to keep track of text communications and view previous TextUs conversations in one place.

Some organizations may find that the text conversations logged to records take up too much space in the Notes tab in Bullhorn, and would like their notes to be logged on a separate tab.

As a solution, your Bullhorn integration with TextUs can be configured to log your notes to a Bullhorn Custom Object instead.

Request a custom object setup

To request the Custom Object setup, complete the following steps:

  1. Contact Bullhorn and request the creation of a Custom Object. The Custom Object should be made on a Candidate and/or Contact Entity.

  2. If Bullhorn sends you a Custom Object Setup Excel file, fill out the relevant information. If you have any questions about the fields, ask Bullhorn Support.

  3. After Bullhorn confirms that Custom Object is set up, log in to Bullhorn and go to Admin > Entity Titles.

  4. Scroll down to Custom Object Titles.

  5. Copy the name of the entity listed in the Entity filed

  6. Log in to with your org admin user account.

  7. Click on your user icon and go to Accounts.

  8. On the Accounts page, find your org account at the top of the account hierarchy and click View.

  9. Go to Settings > Account Settings > Integrations.

  10. Click the Bullhorn integration card, then click the Settings dropdown menu.

  11. Paste the the copied entity name in the Entity Name field.

  12. Toggle the Custom Object option to Active.

  13. Click Save.

  14. Your notes will now log in the Custom Object on a Candidate or Contact record.

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