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Create a custom subdomain for shortened links (Campaigns Pro only)
Create a custom subdomain for shortened links (Campaigns Pro only)
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Campaigns Pro users can customize their shortened links to display a branded subdomain in their campaign messages. For more information on how to assign a Campaigns Pro license to your account, see Assign Premium Feature Licenses.

Note: This setting is available to admins and org admins only. You can configure this setting for all accounts in your organization by logging in as an admin and configuring this setting on your organization account.

How to create a custom shortened link

Link shortening in TextUs helps to reduce the number of characters used within your campaign message and allows you to track performance metrics, such as link click through rates. To create a custom shortened link, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Settings > Campaign Settings > Shortened Links page.

  2. In the Custom Branded Base URL field, enter a short abbreviation for your company’s name that is easily identifiable to your contacts.

    • We suggest using a maximum of 6 characters in this field that can easily identify your brand to your contacts.

    • If you need to edit the registered link, submit a ticket to the Support team.

How to use your custom shortened link

To use your newly created custom shortened link, first go to the Campaigns page and create a new campaign. After you have added your contacts, click the Shorten Link icon on the Create Message menu to add a URL to your campaign.

After your campaign message is sent, your contacts will receive the message with a branded, shortened URL link.

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