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Assign premium feature licenses
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You can purchase TextUs licenses to access premium features, such as Campaigns Pro, Keywords, or Sequences, in your messaging accounts. Your org admin can then assign the licenses to messaging accounts using the Organizational Settings in your organization account. This gives admins the ability to control which messaging accounts get access to premium features.

Step 1: Purchase TextUs licenses

You can purchase licenses for premium features through your TextUs Account Manager. If you're not sure who your Account Manager is, you can contact us and a TextUs team member will reach out to assist you.

Step 2: Assign or remove licenses

After purchasing your premium feature licenses, you can manage access by assigning or removing them from messaging accounts in your organization.

  1. Sign in to your TextUs account as the org admin, then go to your organization account. If you're not already on that account, you can select it from the account dropdown menu.

  2. Go to Settings > Organizational Settings > Account Configuration.

  3. Enter the account name or phone number in the search field to find the account, then click the pencil icon.

  4. On the Manage licenses pop-up, toggle the licenses on or off for the account.

  5. Click Confirm to save your changes.

Tip: To assign licenses to multiple messaging accounts at once, select the checkbox next to Account name, then click Bulk Manage.

Optional steps

The sections below provide additional tips for managing your licenses.

Monitor license availability and usage

After your licenses are purchased and assigned, you can view the number of licenses available and the number still available at the top of the Account Configuration page.

Note that the number of licenses you’ve assigned cannot exceed the number of licenses available. After the licenses are applied to a messaging account, that account will be able to utilize the premium functionality tied to that license.

Filter accounts to assign or remove licenses

You can use the Filter Licenses feature to quickly sort through the accounts that already have premium features licenses applied, then assign or remove their licenses. This can be helpful to easily view all messaging accounts that do not currently have certain licenses assigned.

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