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Sequences overview
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Sequences allow teams to automate their touch points and automatically send a series 1:1 text messages to targeted contacts over a period of time. The feature is commonly used by recruiters and sales professionals to help them better manage and automate their outreach to candidates and prospects.

Note: Your Org Admin must apply a Sequences license to your messaging account to enable this feature.

  • For more information on how to purchase a license, contact your TextUs Account Manager.

  • For more information on how to apply a license you've already purchased, see Assign Premium Feature Licenses.

How it works

Each sequence uses a customized, multi-step workflow that is designed to automatically send pre-defined SMS messages, also referred to as “steps”, to enrolled contacts at scheduled intervals. When creating your sequence steps, you can choose what happens if a contact replies to the message: either the contact continues to the next step, or the sequence is marked as finished and the remaining messages are not sent.

Once your sequence is active and your contacts begin to receive the messages in your sequence workflow, you can then track the performance of your sequence by going to the Sequences > Contacts tab to view the engagement and progress of each contact enrolled.

Note: Any inbound message received from a contact while they are enrolled in a sequence will be considered a response to that sequence.

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