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Manage contacts in your sequence
Manage contacts in your sequence
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To manage the contacts enrolled in your sequence, click the Sequence page on the left sidebar, then go to the Contacts tab. Here you’ll be able to view all of the contacts that have been enrolled, as well as their individual status within the sequence.

You can use the features below to help you monitor a contact’s progress, make necessary adjustments, and manage your enrolled contacts.

Search and filter contacts

As your list of enrolled contacts grows, you can search for a specific contact by entering their name in the search bar, or you can use the dropdown menus to filter enrolled contacts based on which step they are on, or which TextUs user enrolled them in the sequence.

Manage contacts with batch actions

To manage contacts with batch actions, select one or more contacts from list of enrolled contacts, then use the following batch actions:

  • Add contacts to a group: Allows you to quickly add the contacts to an existing group.

  • Send message: Allows you to send a text message directly to up to 10 contacts. Contacts will each receive the same message individually.

  • Mark contacts as finished: Allows you to mark the contacts’ status as Finished and stops them from progressing further in the sequence. After you click the Mark contact as finished icon, be sure to confirm your selection by clicking Confirm in the pop-up menu that appears.

How to interpret a contact’s status in your sequence

An enrolled contact’s status tells you about their current state in your sequence workflow, such as which contacts have responded, which have not responded, and which could not receive your sequence messages.

The following table lists the possible status values a contact can have in your sequence:



Finished, responded

The contact replied to the messages and completed the sequence.

Finished, no response

The contact completed the sequence but did not reply to the messages.

Finished, stopped

The contact was manually marked as finished before completing the sequence.


The contact is receiving messages but has not completed the sequence.


A message in the sequence returned a failed response from the contact’s service provider.

Opted Out

The contact requested to opt-out of the sequence.

Omitted Opted Out

The contact was added to the sequence, but never received any messages because they were already in an opt-out status.

Omitted Landline

The message was never delivered to the contact’s phone number because the destination is a landline and is incapable of receiving SMS messages.

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