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Auto-unassign conversations
Updated over a week ago

When you assign conversations to yourself or other users, all assigned users will automatically receive a notification when a new inbound text is received for that conversation. To help your team stay organized, you can set when inactive or closed conversations are unassigned from users by using the settings on the Settings > Inbox Settings > Inbox Organization page. Note that assigning or unassigning users to a conversation is only supported on messaging accounts with multiple users.

Note: This setting is available to admins and org admins only. You can configure this setting for all accounts in your organization by logging in as an admin and configuring this setting on your organization account.

Auto-unassign closed conversations

The auto-unassigned closed conversation setting allows you to notify all users in your account if a contact responds to a closed message.

To automatically unassign users from a conversation after it has been closed, click the Auto Unassign Closed Conversations dropdown, select your preferred time, then click Save.

Auto-unassign inactive conversations

When conversations are no longer active, you may want to keep your users' inbox clean by unassigning them from old messages.

To automatically unassign users from an inactive conversation, click the Auto Unassign Inactive Conversations dropdown, select your preferred time, then click Save.

Tip: By setting Auto-Unassign Inactive Conversations to Never, you can ensure that an inactive conversations is always handled by the users initially assigned to the message.

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