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Assign conversations (multi-user inbox only)
Assign conversations (multi-user inbox only)
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Note: Assigning users to a conversation is only supported on messaging accounts with multiple users.

The Assigned Users feature allows you to assign conversations to yourself or other users. All assigned users will automatically receive a notification when a new inbound text is received for that conversation.

Your multi-user account has two categories of users when it comes to conversations:

  • Assigned Users: Users who are assigned to the conversation and will receive notifications for each new inbound message.

  • Participants: Users who have participated in the conversation.

Assign users to a conversation

To assign users to a conversation:

  1. Click the Assigned Users icon in the conversation.

  2. In the Select Assignees field, enter the user’s name, then select their user profile from the list.

Any user on the Assigned Users menu with a green checkmark next to their name is assigned to the conversation and will receive notifications about new messages.

View assigned conversations

You can view conversations that are assigned to you in the Assigned to You folder within your inbox. Similarly, you can view conversations assigned to other users in your organization under the Assigned to Others folder in your inbox.

Remove assigned users from a conversation

You can remove a user from the Assigned Users list by clicking their user profile to remove the green checkmark. Once removed, that user will no longer receive notifications for that conversation.

View participants in a conversation

You can view a conversation’s participants by clicking the Participants icon in the conversation. A list of all of the users who have participated in the conversation will be displayed. Participants cannot be manually added or removed; the list of participants is purely informational.

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