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Manage your inbox
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The inbox is where all of the text conversations for your messaging account are stored. Your inbox allows you to easily view and manage your text conversations, and also includes other useful features to help you stay on top of your communications and keep your inbox clutter-free.

Tip: You can use the folders within your inbox to more easily find and manage conversations within your inbox. The folders you see may vary based on whether there is a single or multiple users on your messaging account.

Search for conversations

To search for a conversation, go to Inbox, then click the magnifying glass icon. In the Search Conversations field, enter your search using name, phone number, or keywords for the contact to find open and closed conversations that match.

Close and open conversations

When you create a new message, or a contact replies to your message, you can view the conversation in the Open folder. The newest conversations are automatically moved to the top of the list.

If you no longer need to message a contact, you can close the conversation and move it to the Closed folder by selecting the message from the list of open conversations, clicking the vertical ellipsis, and clicking Close.

Note: If the contact responds to your message within a week, the conversation will automatically be moved back to the Open folder.

To reopen a conversation and move it back to the Open folder, select the message from the list of closed conversations, click the vertical ellipsis, and click Reopen.

Star a conversation

When you star a conversation, you are marking it as important. This helps you to remember to look at the conversation later.

To star a conversation, select the conversation, click the vertical ellipsis, and click Star Conversations. You can view all starred conversations on the Starred folder.

Edit or delete a scheduled message

Messages that you schedule to be sent later are listed on the My Scheduled folder. You can edit or delete a scheduled message by clicking Scheduled Message at the bottom of the conversation, then clicking either Edit or Delete.

For multi-user accounts, use the Other Scheduled folder to view your colleague’s scheduled messages.

View active campaigns

The Campaigns folder helps you view and track conversations in an active campaign. See Campaigns for more information.

Manage conversations with batch actions

You can use the batch actions on your conversations list to quickly access some of the most important features in TextUs. To access the batch actions, select one or more conversation, then click any of the following icons that appear:



Send Message

Opens a conversation with the contact and lists the conversation in the Open folder.

Send Campaign

Allows you create and send a campaign to the contact in the selected conversation.

Close Conversation

Closes the conversation and moves it to the Closed folder.

Star Conversation

Marks the conversation as important and moves it to the Starred folder.

Unstar Conversation

Unstars the conversation and removes it from the Starred folder.

Assign Yourself

(Multi-user accounts only) Assigns the conversation to you and lists it on the Assigned to You folder.

Unassign Yourself

(Multi-user accounts only) Removes you from the conversation so that you will no longer receive notifications.

Mark Read

Marks the conversation as read.

Mark Unread

Unmarks the conversation as read.

Filter unanswered and unread messages

You can filter your inbox to find messages from contacts that you haven't responded to or haven't read by clicking the following icons at the top of your inbox:

  • To view all of your unanswered messages, click the icon at the top of your inbox.

  • To view all of your unread messages, click theicon at the top of your inbox.

Tip: If both filters are selected, you will only see messages that are both unread and unanswered. The icons will appear blue when the filter is turned on, and gray when it is turned off.

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