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Message contacts in the TextUs mobile app
Message contacts in the TextUs mobile app
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Conversations are an important part of TextUs. Each conversation is made up of all the inbound and outbound text messages between your TextUs account and a contact’s phone number.

Send a new message

To send a message to an existing contact, go to the Inbox menu, select the compose icon, then select one or more contacts from your contact list. Write your message in the empty message field, then click the send icon. To add formatting to your message, use the message options toolbar.

Continue a conversation on the go

When you start a conversation in the TextUs web app or Chrome extension, you can continue the conversation on the go using the TextUs mobile app. You can use the filter and search features to help you quickly find and reply to unread or unanswered messages in your inbox.

Filter conversations

To filter and find conversations, select the filter icon on the Inbox menu, then use the Filters toggles for Unread or Unanswered. You can also narrow your search by selecting a folder from the Folders list. When you are finished, select Apply Filters to update the messages displayed on the Inbox menu.

Search conversations

To search for a conversation, select the magnifying glass icon on the Inbox menu. In the Search Conversations field, enter your search using the contact’s name, phone number, or keywords to find open and closed conversations that match.

Note: The TextUs mobile app does not directly support scheduling, opening, closing, or starring a conversation. However, if you perform any of these actions in the web app or Chrome extension, you can view the conversation in the Open, Starred, My Scheduled, or Closed folders.

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