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Sequence blueprints
Updated over a week ago

TextUs has added new sequence blueprints designed to get your team started with automated sequences even faster. With blueprints, teams no longer need to spend hours ideating and creating sequences from scratch. Now your team can jump start their sequence creation by selecting from pre-built templates designed to maximize response rates.

  • Access a library of pre-built sequence blueprints

  • Easily filter and find blueprints based on your use case

  • Customize sequences to match your tone and goals

  • Get your sequences up and running even faster

Whether you’re looking to fill a job opening, promote an event, or book a demo, sequence blueprints empower your team to drive higher response rates and better outcomes even faster.

When creating a sequence, select the Blueprint option to access the new collection of pre-built sequence templates. This library offers blueprints categorized by use case, such as Recruiting, Sales, Marketing, and Workforce. After creating a new sequence from a blueprint, you can personalize the messages, modify the content, and customize the schedule for each sequence step.

Note: Blueprints cannot be modified. Users can only modify content once a new sequence is created from an existing blueprint.

For more information on how to use blueprints, see Create a sequence using blueprints.

Don't have Sequences but are interested in automating your outreach and communications? Request a demo or contact your TextUs Account Manager.

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