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Link shortening across the TextUs platform
Link shortening across the TextUs platform
Updated over a week ago


TextUs now offers built-in link shortening across the platform, allowing teams to easily add shortened links to conversational messages, text templates, keywords responses, and more. With this new feature, you can quickly add shortened links to any message, making it easier to share meeting scheduling pages, job applications, surveys, and other content with your audience. By using TextUs’ built-in link shortening, teams will benefit from increased deliverability of their messages when compared to third-party link shorteners.

To use the feature, simply click the Shortened Link option and paste in your URL. You can then edit the URL or remove the link entirely from your message before sending. Link shortening is supported in both the TextUs web app and Chrome extension, but is currently not supported in the mobile app.

Please note that URLs will not be automatically shortened if they are pasted directly into the message body; you will need to use the Shortened Link option to shorten them. Shortened links will be generic by default (e.g. However, organizations with Campaigns Pro can set a custom branded subdomain for their shortened links on their org account (Settings > Campaign Settings > Shortened Links).

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