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Customize the automated sender for automation messages
Customize the automated sender for automation messages
Updated over a week ago

Note: This setting is only available for organizations with access to Automation. For more information on how to add Automation, contact your Account Manager or complete this form.

By default, all sequence messages and keyword auto-responses sent to your contacts are marked as sent by the TextUs Bot ([email protected]). If you use analytics or message logging for an integration, you may prefer to set a different automated sender for these messages.

By setting the automated sender as an organization admin, any sequence message or keyword auto-response will be marked within the conversation and logged messages as sent by that admin user. Customizing the automated sender is recommended for outbound sequence messages or keyword auto-responses to be successfully logged back to your integration.

How to change the automated sender for your Automation messages

  1. Log in as an admin and go to the organization or branch account you want to configure this setting on.

  2. Go to Settings > Message Settings > Automated sender.

  3. Click the Log as dropdown, then select an organization admin from the list that displays. As a note, the organization admin you select must also exist as a user in the integrated system with a matching email address.

  4. Click Save to update your settings. Automated messages sent after that will be marked as sent by that user; however, the message sender will not be updated on previously sent messages.

Tip: To revert your default automated sender back to the TextUs Bot, toggle this setting 'off'.

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