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Update messaging account details
Updated over a week ago

To update your messaging account's information, such as the account name, go to Settings > Account Settings > Account Details to access the following basic settings and details for your account:

  • Account name: Sets the display name for your account in the top right corner of the screen. Your account name is visible to all users in your TextUs org account, but is not visible in messages or conversations with your contacts.

  • Call forwarding number: If your account’s phone number was provisioned by TextUs, enter a call forwarding phone number for your account to forward any calls to your personal or business phone that dial your TextUs account phone number.

Tip: If you are adding an international number, use the international format like this: +441234567891

Avoid adding an extra 0, as phone numbers in this format may not work: +44(0)1234567891

  • Country: Determines the country code for any phone numbers imported into your TextUs account that do not already include a country code. Note that any contact phone numbers you add with a country code will not be changed by this setting.

  • Time zone: Determines the time zone for your office hours, if they are enabled. Note that your message timestamps are automatically synced to your computer’s time zone and cannot be modified.

Note: Setting a timezone for your account is important for a couple reasons:

  • Message scheduling: If you schedule messages, Campaigns, or Sequences to be sent at specific times, having the correct timezone set ensures that your messages are sent out at the intended times.

  • Auto reply messages: Your account's timezone determines when your auto reply message (if configured) will be sent automatically to your contacts when you receive a message outside of office hours.

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