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Managing opt-outs
Updated over a week ago

The contacts listed on the Settings > Contact Settings > Manage Opt Outs page includes every contact in your organization’s account that has either been manually opted out, or has opted out using an opt-out keyword. See Understanding Opt-Outs for more information.

Import opt-outs

If your company is switching over to TextUs from a different texting provider, admins can upload your organization's contact opt-out history to your TextUs account by clicking the Import Opt Outs button. Your opt-out history file should be in CSV format with a single column of phone numbers that will be added to your account’s opt-out list.

Export opt-outs

For compliance purposes, admins can export your organization's opt-outs to a CSV file by clicking the Export Opt Outs button. A file that contains every contact opt-out for your company’s TextUs accounts is then sent to your account’s email address.

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