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How user roles work
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User roles in TextUs determine what you can do and access within each account or phone number. A user’s role can be set differently for each account they have access to.

Roles and permissions

TextUs has the following three types of roles, all of which can access messaging features through a messaging account.

  • User: User is a non-administrative role for accessing messaging features. This role can only access a restricted set of messaging account settings.

  • Admin: Admin is an administrative role that, in addition to accessing messaging features, can manage users and configure admin settings for that messaging account.

  • Organization admin: Has an Admin role for your organization account, which makes them the top-level administrator for your organization. Organization admins have full access to all features and settings for your organization account and all accounts below it, along with the ability to add or remove individual users and phone numbers.

The table below lists a high-level overview of the features each role can access in the TextUs web app:

Feature Name



Org admin

Manage user settings

Manage account settings

Manage organization settings

Upload CSV of contacts

Create contact groups

Create templates

Share templates

Conversation export

Opt-out and block numbers

Add and remove users

View account analytics

View billing analytics

View organization analytics

Export campaign data

Configure integrations

Add new phone numbers

Discard phone numbers

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