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Add and manage users
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Users are individuals in your organization or team who have access to your TextUs account through their assigned roles and permissions. User management is limited to admins and org admins only. This means your account’s admin or org admin are the only users with permission to add, edit, or delete users in an account, as well as update a user’s account access or permissions.

Additionally, it’s important to note that admins are only able to manage users for accounts they have admin access to, while org admins can manage all users across your entire organization.

Tip: Users who have access to multiple messaging accounts will have the number of accounts displayed under the Memberships column on the Users page. You can hover over a row in the column to quickly view the names of the accounts that the user has access to.

Add a user

To create a new user, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to TextUs as an admin on a branch account.

  2. Go to the Settings tab, then select Team Management > Users.

  3. On the Users page, click the Add User button.

  4. Enter the following information in the Create New User menu:

    • Name: The user’s name.

    • Email: The user’s email address.

    • Account: Select the account you want to add the user to. You can add the user to more than one account by clicking the plus icon.

    • Role: Select the role that user should have for that account. Users must have a role defined for each account they have access to. For more information see, How user roles work.

  5. Click Save.

Edit a user's information

To edit an existing user, click the pencil icon next to the user account. You can update the user’s basic information on the Edit User menu. When you are finished, click Save.

Tip: To more easily find a user, enter their name or email in the search bar or use the Filter by Account feature.

Change a user's account access

To change a user's account access, click the pencil icon next to the user account, then use the following Account Membership settings on the Edit User menu:

  • To add a user to an account, click the Add Membership icon and enter the account name in the Account field. Use the Role dropdown menu to assign a role to the user in the account. When you are finished, click Save to update the user's account membership.

  • To remove a user from an account, click the Remove Membership icon and click Save to update the user's account membership.

Remove a user

To delete a user, click the trash can icon next to the user account. On the Remove User pop up menu, click Delete. A confirmation will display that the user was successfully removed.

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