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Automate sequence enrollment with keywords
Automate sequence enrollment with keywords
Updated over a week ago

Teams can now automate their sequence enrollment using Keywords by linking a keyword subscriber list to a sequence. Use sequences to automate follow-ups for keyword campaigns to easily target engaged contacts with relevant content.

Here are a few ways you can get started with sequence-keyword linking:

  • Use the keyword “RSVP” to increase event registrations, then link a sequence to automatically send reminders as the event approaches.

  • Use the keyword "JOBS" to grow a list of interested candidates, then link a sequence that automatically sends job openings, career advice, and interview tips.

Note: This feature is only available to accounts with active Sequences and Keywords licenses.

How to link a keyword subscriber list to a sequence

Follow the steps below to link an active sequence with a keyword subscriber list. When a contact texts in the corresponding keyword, they’ll receive the keyword auto-response, then will be automatically enrolled in the linked sequence.

Note: You can only link one keyword subscriber list to one active sequence at a time.

  1. Go to the Automation > Keywords Subscribers page and select a keyword subscribers list.

  2. Click the dropdown menu, then select Link Sequence.

  3. On the Link sequence menu, select an ongoing or scheduled sequence.

  4. On the Confirm enrollment menu, click Confirm. The sequence will be successfully linked. Any contacts currently within the list will get enrolled in the sequence.

How to unlink a keyword subscriber list from a sequence

To unlink your sequence from your keyword subscriber list, click the dropdown menu, then select Unlink Sequence.

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