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Keyword subscribers
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Keyword subscribers are contacts who send in a specific text keywords to your messaging account. Those contacts are then added to a keyword subscriber list that allows you to easily message them, send campaigns, or enroll them in sequences.

View keyword subscribers

To view the contacts that have sent in one of your configured text keywords, go to the Keywords Subscribers page, then view a keyword subscriber group from the list.

Note: If the user is an existing contact, their contact name will be listed. If they are not an existing contact, only their phone number will be listed.

Send a campaign from a keyword subscriber list

To send a campaign to a list keywords subscribers, select one or more contacts in a keywords group, then click Send campaign from the dropdown menu.

You can then use the settings on the Campaigns page to create and send a one time campaign to your keywords subscribers.

Did you know? Teams can automate sequence enrollment using Keywords by linking a keyword subscriber list to a sequence. Learn how

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