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Additional phone field mapping for Bullhorn message logging
Additional phone field mapping for Bullhorn message logging
Updated over a week ago

Previously for the Bullhorn integration, text conversations were logged to Contact, Candidate, and Lead records as “notes” based on phone number matches across five standard Bullhorn phone fields. Since Bullhorn admins can update their Bullhorn phone field mappings to store additional numbers for third parties such as emergency contacts or references, this sometimes resulted in messages being logged inaccurately.

Now, org admins have more control over which phone fields their Bullhorn integration uses to determine which records to log notes to. By default, messages are now only logged based on the Phone and Mobile number fields in the Bullhorn ATS. However, org admins can configure their Bullhorn integration to log notes based on three additional phone field mappings: Phone 2, Phone 3, and Work Phone. This will allow organizations to customize and improve the accuracy of the message logging in their Bullhorn ATS depending on how they store phone numbers within Bullhorn records.

For more information on how to configure, see Update your Bullhorn integration settings.

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