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Sequence delivery window and easier contact management
Sequence delivery window and easier contact management

Released 10/19/2023

Updated over a week ago

TextUs has added new functionality to its premium Sequences offering design to add greater control and efficiency when managing sequences and contact enrollments. These features are available for messaging accounts with an active Sequences license.

Set a delivery window for sequence messages

Automated text sequences offer an effective way to scale your outreach and communications, but the timing of those automated messages matters. Sequence users can now set a delivery window for ongoing sequences, allowing you to ensure that messages are sent within an ideal time frame to avoid sending messages too early or too late in the day.


To set a delivery window, go to Automation > Sequences, then click on an individual sequence. Go to the Settings tab for that sequence, then select the Delivery Window option to 'Send messages only during these days and times'. From there, you can set the allowed days and times in which the sequence messages will be sent.

Note: Delivery windows are available for the ‘Steps by ongoing days and time’ sequence type. Delivery windows are configured individually for each sequence and will not be copied if a sequence is duplicated.

Search and filter enrolled contacts for easier management

With the new ability to search and filter contacts that are enrolled in your sequences, you can more easily monitor a contact’s progress, make necessary adjustments, and manage contact enrollments more efficiently.


To manage contacts enrolled in your sequence, go to Automation > Sequences, then click on the sequence you want to manage contacts for. On the Contacts tab, use the search bar to find a specific contact within the enrolled contact list. Or use the dropdowns to filter contacts based on which step they are on, or which user enrolled them in the sequence.

For more information, see Sequences overview.

Don't have Sequences but are interested in automating your outreach and communications? Request a demo or contact your TextUs Account Manager.

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