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Create an introduction message
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Introduction messages will be included with the first outbound text message sent to a contact from a messaging account. Intro messages help ensure your organization stays compliant with SMS regulations when first reaching out to a contact by introducing your business to the recipient.

Tip: You can also use the intro message setting to include opt-out language if you wish to only send opt-out language within your first text communication. If you want to include opt-out language within your text communications more regularly, we recommend setting up an appended message.

Configure an introduction message

Note: These settings are available to admins only. You can configure this setting for all accounts in your organization by logging in as an admin and configuring this setting on your organization or branch account, then locking this setting.

Where you set up your introduction message depends on the accounts you want the intro message settings to apply to. For example, to configure this for your entire organization, you can set the intro message on your organization account and lock the setting. Or, you can set this up on each messaging account if you'd like to have different intro messages for each one.

  1. Log in as an admin and go to the organization, branch, or messaging account where you wish to configure an intro message.

  2. Go to Settings > Message Settings > Intro & appended.

  3. In the Introduction message section, toggle the Use introduction option to ‘On’ (blue).

  4. Enter your intro message text in the message field. For example, this message can introduce your business to the contact (e.g. “Welcome to texting on behalf of TextUs!”).

  5. Under Position the intro message, select whether you’d like to position the text before or after the message content. Tip: You can click Preview to see how it’ll look to your recipients when text messages are sent.

  6. Click Apply Changes. The intro message will now be automatically included with every first outbound text message sent to a new contact from your messaging account.

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