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Customizable intro and opt-out message options for enhanced SMS compliance
Customizable intro and opt-out message options for enhanced SMS compliance
Updated over a week ago

Our message settings have been updated to provide greater control and customization options to help ensure your organization's text communications are compliant.

Introduction messages are included with your first outbound text message to a contact to ensure you identify your organization or texting program, while appended messages can be used to easily add information such as opt-out language at the end of your messages. The updated intro & appended message settings now offer:

  • Improved deliverability & compliance. With more options to ensure your text communications include identification and opt-out language, TextUs provides tools to enhance your deliverability and help you stay compliant with SMS regulations.

  • More granular control. You can now adjust where your intro message is placed, control how often opt-out language will be resent, and apply those settings across your organization.

  • Customizable text options. By allowing you to customize your intro and appended messages, you can tailor your message content and opt-out language to match the tone and voice of your brand.

For best practices and more information on how to set these up for your organization, see Create an introduction message and Create an appended message to include opt-out language.

Important note: For existing customers, no action is needed as your organization’s existing settings are still in effect. However, we encourage you to review these settings to take advantage of the new functionality.

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