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10DLC sample message requirements
10DLC sample message requirements
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What are sample messages?

Under 10DLC requirements, organizations must submit at least one sample message with their 10DLC registration. A sample message is an example of a text message or text campaign that will be sent from your organization. You will want your sample messages to accurately reflect the kinds of messages you will be sending to your contacts.

Submitting sample messages with your 10DLC registration

As part of your 10DLC registration process with TextUs, you'll need to submit five sample messages that provide an example of a text message or campaign that will be sent from your organization. You can use the message example templates provided in your 10DLC registration form to help you draft your final sample messages that more closely reflect the kinds of messages your organization will be sending.

Tips for writing sample messages

  • Ensure the sample messages you are providing match the types of text messages that you will be sending.

  • Make sure sample messages identify who you are as an organization to your message recipients.

  • Use variables wrapped in box brackets to indicate portions of your message that might be swapped in later. For example, “Hi [first name], this is [company name] reaching out..”

  • Include opt-out language on at least two sample messages that clearly provide recipients with instructions on how to unsubscribe and stop receiving further text messages from your business. For example, “Text STOP to opt-out."

Example sample messages

  • Hey there, it’s [Name] from Acme Corporation, I just left you a voicemail. Feel free to call or text me back at your earliest convenience.

  • Hi [ContactName], fall semester registration for Acme University has officially begun. Please visit our registration portal here: [Link]. Text STOP to opt-out.

  • [Name] from Acme Corporation here. We are conducting a short survey on changes you'd like to see in our process. Click here to participate: [Link] Reply STOP 2 unsubscribe.

  • Acme Corporation: Don’t miss out on the biggest deal of the year! Use the link below to get an extra 10% off your order: [Link]. Reply STOP to quit.

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