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How to register for 10DLC
How to register for 10DLC
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10DLC stands for "10 Digit Long Code," which is a type of phone number used by businesses to send text messages to customers and clients. All businesses that use TextUs text messaging services are required to register for 10DLC and comply with specific rules and regulations set by mobile carriers to ensure responsible and lawful messaging practices. For more information, see 10DLC Overview.

If you’re a new customer, this guide will help you submit your 10DLC registration through TextUs.

Step 1: Gather the required information for your 10DLC registration

Before you start the 10DLC registration process, make sure that you can provide the following information:

  • Contact information (first name, last name, email, phone, and job title)

  • Company name, website, and address

    • Note: You'll need to make sure the company name and address entered match the information on your company tax documents.

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Tax Identification Number (TIN)

  • Alternate business ID type (DUNS, GIIN, LEI, or none)

  • Business entity type (private profit, public profit, or non-profit)

  • Business industry (or closest match)

  • Description of how your business will use SMS

  • Opt-in consent gathering method (web form, mobile or keyword, point-of-sale or paper form, or phone call)

  • Links to the privacy policy and terms of service on your website

Important note: We recommend viewing the requirements for gathering opt-in consent and your website privacy policy ahead of starting your 10DLC registration process. To view requirements, see 10DLC requirements for gathering opt-in consent.

Step 2: Start the 10DLC registration form

To help simplify the 10DLC registration process, TextUs customers can complete and submit a 10DLC registration form through TextUs by going to the unique 10DLC registration link provided by the TextUs team. Use the information listed in Step 1 above to help you complete the registration forms.

If you haven't received a unique link for your 10DLC registration, reach out to your TextUs representative for assistance.

Step 3: Select and provide your opt-in consent gathering method

During the 10DLC registration process, you’ll be required to provide details and examples of how you'll obtain opt-in consent from your customers. You will be required to select from one of the following methods:

  • Web forms opt-ins: Customers can opt-in to receive text messages on a web form or our company website.

  • Mobile opt-ins: Customers can text a keyword to a specific number to subscribe to SMS and provide their consent.

  • Point-of-sale opt-ins or paper form opt-in: Customers can opt-in to receive texts at a point of sale (POS) or another onsite location.

  • Phone call opt-in: Customers can opt-in over the phone using interactive voice response (IVR) technology).

After selecting your opt-in consent gathering method, you can make any necessary updates to your registration on the Opt-in Consent Method Description view. For more information on opt-in consent methods and privacy policy requirements, see 10DLC Requirements for Gathering Opt-in Consent.

Step 4: Update the sample text messages to match your texting use case

As a final step in the registration process, you must submit five sample messages. A sample message is an example of a text message or campaign that will be sent from your organization. You can use the message example templates provided to help you draft your final sample messages that more closely reflect the kinds of messages your organization will be sending.

Tips for writing your sample messages

  • Ensure the sample messages you are providing match the types of text messages that you will be sending.

  • Make sure sample messages identify who you are as an organization to your message recipients.

  • Use variables wrapped in box brackets to indicate portions of your message that might be swapped in later. For example, “Hi [first name], this is [company name] reaching out..”

  • Include opt-out language on at least two sample messages that clearly provide recipients with instructions on how to unsubscribe and stop receiving further text messages from your business. For example, “Text STOP to opt out.”

Step 5: Submit your registration

When you are finished filling out your 10DLC registration form, click Submit. TextUs will submit your registration and let you know as soon as your 10DLC campaign gets approved or if additional information is required. Typical approval times can take from a few days up to two weeks if no additional information is required.

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