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10DLC overview
10DLC overview
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What is 10DLC?

10DLC refers to 10-digit Long Code, which enables businesses to send authorized Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging traffic using local phone numbers (known as "long codes"). 10DLC builds and maintains trust between businesses and consumers by establishing routes and validity for sending A2P messages. US mobile carriers consider all messages coming from applications such as TextUs to be A2P messaging.

Why do I need to register my 10DLC campaign?

Registering your 10DLC campaign is now required by all US mobile carriers to ensure that text messaging services are used responsibly and in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. 10DLC campaign registration allows carriers to get additional information on A2P message senders and the type of traffic being sent to their mobile subscribers. Any business who wants to text their consumers will need to register, regardless of which texting platform they choose.

What are the benefits of 10DLC registration?

By vetting each business that uses A2P messaging, 10DLC registration helps legitimate businesses and organizations like yours get their message to their consumers more consistently. Businesses can also access faster message delivery speeds and increased daily texting limits. And with fewer spam texts flooding people’s phones, you’ll see higher read and response rates for your messages, helping you get the most from your text communications.

  • Increased deliverability. 10DLC creates A2P SMS routes that are dedicated solely to business-to-consumer traffic, making for more trusted messaging, less spam, and more reliable and consistent deliverability.

  • Faster throughput. Faster messaging speeds keep your team in sync and your customers happy. From time-sensitive updates to urgent requests, 10DLCs ensures that your messages are delivered quickly and efficiently, every time.

  • Industry compliant. All 10DLCs must be registered to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. By registering your numbers, 10DLCs also come with a reduced risk of getting your messages blocked or flagged as spam.

How do I register my brand and campaign?

Registering a 10DLC campaign for your brand can be done through our 10DLC registration form. You’ll need to provide details such as information about your business, links to your privacy policy and terms of service, your method of opt-in consent gathering, and sample messages of the texts you will be sending.

After you’ve completed our registration form, TextUs will submit your registration to The Campaign Registry (TCR) on your behalf. If additional steps or documentation is needed to support your registration, a TextUs representative will work with you to submit that to TCR. Once your 10DLC registration is accepted, your TextUs numbers will be registered as a vetted sender for A2P messaging.

For more information on how to register for 10DLC with TextUs, see How to Register for 10DLC.

Does 10DLC apply to messaging outside the US?

No, 10DLC applies only to US domestic messaging at this time. However, that means any number sending traffic to a US number will need to be registered. For example, if you are sending messages only within Canada, registration is not needed. But if you are sending traffic from a Canadian number to a US number, it will need to be registered.

How long does it take for 10DLC registration to be approved?

The TextUs team will work with The Campaign Registry to get your registration approved, and will let you know if additional information is required. Typical approval times can take from a few days up to two weeks if no additional information is required.

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