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How to update your 10DLC registration
How to update your 10DLC registration
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For TextUs customers who have submitted their 10DLC registration through TextUs, this guide provides you information on how to update the opt-in consent method and example opt-out text messages in your application.

Step 1: Ensure your privacy policy is compliant

Important Note: If there is no privacy policy present, or if the privacy policy is non-compliant at the time of your 10DLC registration submission, it could result in significant delays to your approval process.

Per CTIA guidelines (section 5.2.1), all message senders are to maintain a privacy policy that is clearly displayed and easily accessible by the consumer. If your opt-in consent method is a web form, you will also need to ensure your privacy policy is clearly linked on your web form as listed in the ‘Web Form Opt-ins’ section above.

Privacy policies should state that consumer information is not being sold to or shared with third-parties without consent, except when legally required to do so. If a privacy policy is non-compliant, it is generally due to the sharing of consumer information with third-parties for marketing purposes.

For specific guidance on your company’s privacy policy, we recommend consulting with your legal team. If your company needs assistance creating a privacy policy, we recommend using an online privacy policy generator such as the ones below to get you started.

Step 2: Start the 10DLC registration updates

To get started, go to the TextUs 10DLC Brand Registration page and click Register Your Brand. You can find your account’s registration information by entering your TextUs organization slug in the empty field, then clicking Next. On the pop-up view, check that your account and user information are correct, then click Update.

Tip: If you do not know your organization slug, you can copy it from the address bar of your browser when you are logged in to your organization account in the TextUs web app. This account is typically only available to organization admins.

Here's an example of the organization slug of acme-org as seen in the organization account's web address:

Step 3: Select and provide opt-in consent gathering method

To provide your opt-in content gathering method, select from the following options on the Opt-in Consent Gathering Method view:

  • Web forms opt-ins: Customers can opt-in to receive text messages on a web form or our company website.

  • Mobile opt-ins: Customers can text a keyword to a specific number to subscribe to SMS and provide their consent.

  • Point-of-sale opt-ins or paper form opt-in: Customers can opt-in to receive texts at a point of sale (POS) or another onsite location.

  • Phone call opt-in: Customers can opt-in over the phone using interactive voice response (IVR) technology).

You can make any necessary updates to your registration on the Opt-in Consent Method Description view. For more information on opt-in consent methods and privacy policy requirements, see 10DLC requirements for gathering opt-in consent.

Step 4: Update the sample text messages to match your texting use case

As a final step when updating your 10DLC registration, you must submit at least __ sample messages. A sample message is an example of a text message or campaign that will be sent from your organization. You can use the message example templates provide to help you draft your final sample messages that more closely reflect the kinds of messages your organization will be sending.

Tips for writing your sample messages

  • Ensure the sample messages you are providing match the types of text messages that you will be sending.

  • Make sure sample messages identify who you are as an organization to your message recipients.

  • Use variables wrapped in box brackets to indicate portions of your message that might be swapped in later. For example, “Hi [first name], this is [company name] reaching out..”

  • Include opt-out language on at least two sample messages that clearly provide recipients with instructions on how to unsubscribe and stop receiving further text messages from your business. For example, “Text STOP to opt out.”

Step 5: Submit your registration updates

When you are finished updating your 10DLC registration form, click Submit. TextUs will submit your registration and let you know as soon as your 10DLC campaign gets approved or if additional information is required. Typical approval times can take from a few days up to two weeks if no additional information is required.

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