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Sequence automation now available
Sequence automation now available
Updated over a week ago

Our latest premium capability, Sequences, is now available! Sequences allows teams to automate their touch points to increase engagement and nurture leads and candidates at scale.

By delivering messages at the right time, recruiters and sales professionals can save time and hassle while delivering a better experience throughout the candidate or buyer journey. By automating your outreach, sequences allow you to more efficiently drive pipeline creation and improve conversion rates throughout hiring and sales cycles.

  • Build Automated Sequences: Build custom sequences that deliver a series of messages to your contacts so you stay top of mind.

  • Tailor Messages to Each Contact: Messages can be automatically tailored to each contact, delivering a personal touch at scale.

  • Easily Manage Enrollments: Easily enroll contacts into a sequence, monitor enrollment status, and have contacts auto-unenrolled when they respond to stay in full control of the candidate or buyer journey.

  • Track and Compare Performance: View metrics such as response rates and link clicks to gauge your highest performing sequences.

Want to learn more about Sequences? Request a demo, or contact your TextUs Account Manager!

Already have Sequences? See our help center articles to learn more about how to create and manage your sequences.

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