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TextUs + HubSpot integration now available
TextUs + HubSpot integration now available
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We are excited to announce our new TextUs for HubSpot integration that will allow you to easily add texting to HubSpot. With this new integration, HubSpot users can nurture leads throughout sales and marketing funnels, and drive higher conversion rates across multi-channel campaigns with dynamic personalization and rich media.

The TextUs + HubSpot integration allows you to:

  • Build customizable texts into HubSpot workflows

  • Use logged messages as contact enrollment triggers

  • Add two-way texting to HubSpot with the TextUs Embedded Messenger

  • Easily find and resume any conversation in TextUs, with clear indicators of which messages were automated by HubSpot

  • Log messages back to HubSpot as Tasks or SMS Activities

By building customizable outbound SMS and MMS texts into your automation workflows, you can increase engagement and drive higher response rates for your multi-channel marketing campaigns. Plus, engage even further by communicating seamlessly from the contact record with the embedded messenger, available only with the TextUs integration.

To use this integration, you will need access to the HubSpot CRM, and the integration configured and authorized in the TextUs web app (Settings > Account Settings > Integrations).

For steps to configure this integration, see How to set up the HubSpot integration.

For more information on how to use the integration, see How to use the TextUs Embedded Messenger in HubSpot.

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