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More flexible and lockable character limits
More flexible and lockable character limits
Updated over a week ago

Admins now have increased flexibility and control when it comes to managing character limits for conversational and campaign messages. With this enhancement, character limits can be adjusted at the organization account, branch account, or specific messaging account level, based on your organization’s needs.

But that’s not all! We also understand the importance of consistency in messaging across your organization. That's why we've introduced the ability to lock these character limit settings at the organization or branch account level. This helps ensure that your team’s communications are uniform and align with your company policies.

  • Adjust the character limit for both conversational and campaign messages to what works best for your team.

  • Tailor character limit settings at different account levels - organization-wide, for individual branches, or adjust for each messaging account.

  • Lock in settings to maintain a consistent message length and compliance with company guidelines.

We believe this update will bring a new level of efficiency and customization to your communication settings. With more flexible control, admins can further customize their organization’s texting strategy to help their team stay concise where it counts, or give them more space to add details where needed.

Note: This setting is available to admins only. By locking this setting at the organization or branch account level, the character limit will be applied to all of the accounts below it.

For more information on how to configure this setting, see Adjust message character limits and Adjust campaign character limits.

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