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Keyword FAQs
Updated over a week ago

This section includes frequently asked questions (FAQs) about how to use keywords.

Will users receive a keyword response if they sent the keyword within a larger text message?

No, users will only receive an auto-response if they send in the exact keyword as a text message regardless of case. This means that a user can text in JoBs or JOBS and the keyword auto-response will still trigger. However, if the message contains other words or characters (even emojis), the keyword auto-response will not be triggered.

Can I use auto-replies and keywords at the same time?

No, if an inbound text containing an active keyword is sent during a time where an auto-reply is enabled on the account, only the keyword auto-response will be sent.

Are there any words I cannot use as a keyword?

Yes, words for opt-in and opt-out language cannot be used. See the list below for all unavailable keywords:

  • STOP

  • HELP




  • END

  • QUIT



  • INFO

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