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Add or remove accounts in the TextUs app
Add or remove accounts in the TextUs app
Updated over a week ago


TextUs now makes it easier for admins to manage their phone numbers directly within the TextUs web app. With the new Team Management portal, admins can streamline their number and account management processes and have full control as their team scales.

  • Easily add new phone numbers to your organization as your team or texting needs grow, or discard old phone numbers as needed

  • Built-in data validation verifies required information in new phone number requests for increased accuracy

  • Get automatically notified when new phone numbers are successfully added or removed to stay in the loop

These enhancements make it easier to manage phone numbers for your team and reduce the turnaround time for processing these requests for a more streamlined and efficient process.

Org Admins can add or remove numbers by going to your organization account, then navigating to Settings > Team Management > Accounts.

As a note, toll-free and international numbers must still reach out to the TextUs Support team for assistance. For more information on how to add or discard messaging accounts, see Add or remove messaging accounts.

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