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How to log in and log out
Updated over a week ago

To log in to the TextUs web app, open your Google Chrome browser and go to You can then select from the options below.

How to log in with your email and password

Enter your user email address and your password to log in if your organization has not set up any advanced authentication options.

If you have forgotten your password or your account is locked, you can generate a password reset to your email by clicking the Forgot your password? link. See Change your password for more information.

How to log in with your Google account

If your TextUs account email address is linked to a Google account, you can log in using your Google account by clicking the Log in with Google button.

How to log in without a password using a one-time link

If you do not have a Google account associated with your TextUs account and you want to use a passwordless login, click Log in Without a Password, enter your email address, and then click Log In.

You will receive a one-time use link in your email inbox that can login you in to the TextUs web app. The one-time link is valid for 10 minutes. You can request a new link by entering your email address again on the TextUs login screen.

How to log out

To log out of the TextUs web app, click your profile picture on the top right of the screen, then click Log Out.

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