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Message templates
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A message template is a pre-written text that can be quickly added to any message in a conversation or campaign using the message options toolbar. Templates make it easier to add routine responses to your messages. Templates can be created and managed in Settings > Message Settings > Templates.

Users can always create their own templates to be used in their messages. Admins can also create and share templates across all messaging accounts in your organization. Shared templates are typically used to help standardize responses to commonly asked questions, or maintain a consistent brand voice and formatting in your messages.

The table below lists the permissions for creating and managing templates based on user roles:



Org Admin

Create an individual template

Edit an individual template

Share a template

Edit a shared template

Delete a shared template

Note: Organization admins can create and share templates with all messaging accounts in your organization by creating them on the organization account and selecting the option to share. However, templates can only be deleted by the user who created them.

Create a template

To create a temple, enter a title and message content in the fields provided. You can use the message options to add emojis, personalization variables, and shortened links to your message. When you are finished, click Create.

Note: Admins can share a template with other users in your account by turning on the Share with account setting.

Delete a template

To delete a template, click the trash can icon next to the template on the Templates menu.

Note: Users can only delete the templates they’ve created. Organization admins can delete a shared template by managing templates within their organization account.

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