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Getting started for new TextUs users
Getting started for new TextUs users
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The TextUs app is where you and your team can create, manage, and engage in real-time text conversations with your contacts. If you’re new to TextUs, or you are looking for basic information about what to set up on your messaging account, this guide will help you get started.

Step 1: Set up your user profile

Your user profile lets your teammates know who you are and contains some of your basic user information. You can update your user profile settings by clicking the default profile picture on the top right of the screen, then clicking Profile to access the Basic Profile page. From there, you'll be able to do the following:

  • Add a profile photo that you want to be displayed to your other teammates to more easily identify your activity within text conversations. If no profile photo is set, your initials will display by default.

  • Edit the user name that you want to be displayed to your other teammates. This will typically be your first and last name.

  • View and update your email address that you'll use to log in and receive email notifications. Note: You may need to contact your admin to update this information.

  • Set your default account if you have access to multiple messaging accounts or phone numbers. This will determine which inbox you will be directed to after logging in.

Once you're done, click Save to save your changes.

Step 2: Configure notifications

By default, notifications are disabled for your TextUs account. To configure your notification settings:

  1. Click your profile picture on the top right of the screen, then click Profile.

  2. On the left sidebar, click Notifications.

  3. Use the toggle bar to enable the type of notifications you'd like to receive:

    • Desktop notifications: Notifications will appear on your desktop when you receive a new message.

    • Email notifications: You'll receive email notifications when you receive a new message for your selected conversation types and frequency.

    • Audio notifications: Plays a sound whenever you receive a new message in a conversation to which you're assigned.

  4. Click Save to update your notification settings.

Step 3: Add a text signature

When you message a contact for the first time, or you are messaging a contact in a group with other users, your signature appears at the end of the sent message.

Tip: You'll be able to toggle your signature on and off by clicking the signature icon when messaging a contact.

To add a personal signature to your user profile:

  1. Click your profile picture on the top right of the screen, then click Profile.

  2. On the left sidebar, click Signature.

  3. Enter your signature text in the Your Signature text box.

  4. Click Save to update the signature.

Step 4: Add contacts

Use the Contacts page to add contacts to your account. You can add your contacts individually, or use the Import Contacts feature to bulk upload a CSV file that contains your contact’s information. See Add Contacts for more information.

Step 5: Configure additional account settings

Go to Settings > Account Settings > Account Details to update the following basic settings for your messaging account:

  • Call forwarding number: If your account’s phone number was provisioned by TextUs, enter a call forwarding phone number for your account to forward any calls to your personal or business phone that dial your TextUs account phone number.

  • Country: Determines the country code for any phone numbers imported into your TextUs account that do not already include a country code. Note that any contact phone numbers you add with a country code will not be changed by this setting.

  • Time Zone: Determines the time zone for your office hours, if enabled. Note that your message timestamps are automatically synced to your computer’s time zone and cannot be modified.

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