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Automatic contact syncing for Bullhorn
Automatic contact syncing for Bullhorn
Updated over a week ago

Automatic contact syncing between TextUs and Bullhorn ATS provides a more integrated experience for Bullhorn Messaging customers and TextUs customers with a Bullhorn integration that makes recruiting outreach and candidate engagement even simpler. Quickly find and message any candidates available in your Bullhorn ATS, and personalize your messages with confidence to create more engaging candidate experiences.

What’s Included

  • Users can search both TextUs and Bullhorn databases for contacts using the Chrome extension.

  • Certain contact information stored in Bullhorn will be automatically synced and displayed in TextUs. Users will see contact records get linked to Bullhorn, and additional Bullhorn details will populate within each contact record.

  • If a new contact is added to Bullhorn or if an existing contact has new activity, the contact will automatically be added to the TextUs database.

  • Two-way opt-in / opt-out status syncing for Candidates, Contacts, and Leads.

  • Customers can choose to do a one-time opt-out status syncing for Candidate, Contact, and Lead records between Bullhorn and TextUs (recommended for new customers only).

For more information on how to enable this feature, see Enabling contact sync for Bullhorn.

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